ROBotic Intelligent System is at the control of all the METEOR-M dynamic mobile intelligent robots. This is an expandable FPGA based tool helping to achieve the optimization goal in designing a complex custom processor core for the autonomous control applications.


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BINOCULUS is the FPGA based dual camera universal adapter specifically designed for an embedded robotic applications. The main purpose of it is to synchronize, preprocess and condition the incoming video stream from two separate independent camera sensors without compromising the image quality.


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Procyon is the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation at a distance of 11 light years. 11 years ago,  in 2003, ROBIS project was born.

Procyon Arcade adds extensive audio, video and storage capabilities  to the ROBIS hardware platform.

Yet, it can be used by the retro computing lovers, MSX fans, computer enthusiasts, students and amateurs as a low cost stand alone robust and capable development platform.

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